Vino Variations

A lot of focus in this blog has been on food. And food is the fuel that keeps us going, to be sure. But our bodies are mostly made up of water. I mean, just look at this guy:


Taking this one step further – how much better would it be if most of our bodies were made up of wine? The logical trail here may not be rock solid, but the conclusion sure is: wine is delicious.

GGG 10.2

Having had my fair share of all varieties of vino, I wanted to find a new twist on this tried and true recipe. But how to perfect something already so perfect? Glancing through my kitchen cupboards helped me find the solution I was looking for.

GGG 10.3

Veering off the beaten path of wine glasses, I went out on a limb and enjoyed this adult beverage in a mason jar. This was an excellent decision for three equally important reasons:

1) I felt adventuresome

2) I’m pretty sure hip people use mason jars, so my coolness quota may have just gone up

3) I didn’t have to do dishes, which currently include all my wine glasses from beverages past

GGG 10.4


  • 1 bottle of wine, any variety
  • Wine opener (depending on selected wine)
  • Parsley for garnish (optional, but classy)

1) Find a bottle of wine that has at least 3/4 of the wine still in the bottle

GGG 10.5

2) Open bottle. If bottle needs to be uncorked, you may need a wine opener (when it looks like the opener has landed like a triumphant gymnast, you are good to go)

GGG 10.6

3) Pour wine into mason jar

GGG 10.7


4) Repeat as necessary