Calorie-Free Cuisine

I had some questions come up after last week’s post. “Vacation food is calorie-free?” some of you asked. “What are other calorie-free options?”


Full disclosure, I am not a licensed dietician. But I have found that it is beneficial for mind, body and spirit if sometimes you just assume a certain dish is just meant to be enjoyed and not tracked in an app somewhere.

GGG 6.2

So although calorie-free options vary by person and circumstance, one recipe that guarantees you don’t need to fret about calories is a Dark Chocolate Almond Bar w/Sea Salt.

GGG 6.3

I think it’s something in the sea salt that cancels out the sugar in the chocolate? Again, not a licensed dietician, but I am pretty talented at justifying things.


  • 1 dark chocolate almond bar w/sea salt
  • Parsley for garnish (optional, but classy)

1) Procure chocolate bar

GGG 6.4

2) Open chocolate bar

GGG 6.5

3) Sing “I’ve got a golden ticket” from the 1972 Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory movie, then chuckle at your originality

GGG 6.6

4) Eat chocolate bar

GGG 6.7

(If you are wondering what to do with leftovers, don’t. If there are leftovers, you’re doing it wrong).

GGG 6.8