California Dreamin’

Big news over here – we are west coast bound! My partner landed an amazing job in San Diego, and after talking it through (insert pat on the back here for neither of us saying “YOLO” once during the decision-making process), we decided to meet this new adventure head-on.

GGG 28.1

At this point, I am still a bundle of excitement and nerves. It’s a big change. I’m hoping I find a job that’s great, some people that are equal parts lovely and sarcastic, and that there will be beaucoup opportunities to try out new dining & recipe experiences for the blog. I guess I don’t even know if people eat out there. Don’t they just subsist on avocado, sunshine and ocean breezes?

GGG 28.2

The other thing is that moving ain’t cheap. Everything starts adding up so quickly. So, in order to save some dollars this week, I’m turning to a recipe that has never let me down in times of pennies being pinched: Leftovers.

GGG 28.3


  • Remnants of a meal gone by (at least one serving)
  • Parsley for garnish (optional, but classy)

1) Give the side-eye for being kind of snarky about your current financial status

GGG 28.4

2) Open your fridge and say something to the effect of “What have you got for me, sweetheart?” or “I believe in you, magical fridge of food possibilities – let’s do this!”

GGG 28.5

3) Find some of your delicious dinner from last night, and decide it’s good enough

GGG 28.6

4) Take a second to debate whether to try and recreate it or just eat it cold

GGG 28.7

5) Probably just eat it cold – still good!

GGG 28.8

Calorie-Free Cuisine

I had some questions come up after last week’s post. “Vacation food is calorie-free?” some of you asked. “What are other calorie-free options?”


Full disclosure, I am not a licensed dietician. But I have found that it is beneficial for mind, body and spirit if sometimes you just assume a certain dish is just meant to be enjoyed and not tracked in an app somewhere.

GGG 6.2

So although calorie-free options vary by person and circumstance, one recipe that guarantees you don’t need to fret about calories is a Dark Chocolate Almond Bar w/Sea Salt.

GGG 6.3

I think it’s something in the sea salt that cancels out the sugar in the chocolate? Again, not a licensed dietician, but I am pretty talented at justifying things.


  • 1 dark chocolate almond bar w/sea salt
  • Parsley for garnish (optional, but classy)

1) Procure chocolate bar

GGG 6.4

2) Open chocolate bar

GGG 6.5

3) Sing “I’ve got a golden ticket” from the 1972 Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory movie, then chuckle at your originality

GGG 6.6

4) Eat chocolate bar

GGG 6.7

(If you are wondering what to do with leftovers, don’t. If there are leftovers, you’re doing it wrong).

GGG 6.8