Running Recipe

There was a shift in my exercise approach within the last couple years. Previously, the main motivating factor for working out was wanting to lose weight/look good/not have to lay on the bed to try and button my jeans.

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Which are all still very valid reasons for working out. But lately my main motivating factor is less about vanity and more about feeling good. My body (and brain) really *feel* the difference on the weeks I am able to sweat it out versus the weeks I act like the character in the soap opera that’s in a coma for like 5 episodes.

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To increase my motivation for getting up off the couch, I try and sign up for races every once in a while. It’s less “racing” and more waving amicably at all the participants as they pass by while I promise myself that I’ll get to that finish line somehow. But it keeps me going to have a goal. I signed up for a Halloween 10k as a kickoff to the upcoming San Diego adventure, and training has been underway.

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The best part about running/working out fairly consistently? Getting to eat more food and feeling pretty justified about it! The formula for this is fairly simple, and I encourage you to do whatever is best for you and your health – this recipe is my M.O.

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  • Whatever you are eating
  • An extra
  • Parsley for garnish (optional, but classy)

1) Cook/prepare/arrange/order your meal

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2) Remember you ran that day

GGG 32.6

3) Add more!

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