Date Night @ Home

There are those times that you go out and treat yourself to a dish that hits all the right buttons. This dish perfectly satisfies your cravings. Or you’re sharing the meal with someone you love so all those butterflies are contributing to your satisfaction. Or maybe it’s simply the act of indulging in a meal that someone else prepared for you and there are no dishes to do afterwards.

Date Night

My partner and I were out on a date last month, and split a meal that tasted extra-delish for all the reasons listed above. So the challenge arose: we decided to have a date night at home, and I wanted to replicate this previous date-night-out culinary experience for us in our own home.

Luckily for me, just a quick bit of creative brainstorming helped me develop the perfect dish, and it was a total hit.

GGG 4.1

This Boom-Chicka-Pop Sea Salt Popcorn recipe is perfect for recreating movie theater meal romance, and this time there won’t be strangers crunching along next to you (depending, of course, on how your dates at home roll).

GGG 4.2


  • 1 big bag of Boom-Chick-Pop Sea Salt popcorn (you can get the mini-bags, but come on – you know you’d just eat them all in one sitting)
  • Parsley for garnish (optional, but classy)

1) Look at bag of popcorn and decide you are ready for the best date night of your life

GGG 4.3

2) Use your fingers to open the bag

GGG 4.4

3) Pour popcorn in a bowl (this may seem like an extra step, but you get way more kernels per handful this way)

GGG 4.5

4) Eat popcorn

GGG 4.6

* Different varieties of popcorn can work with this recipe. I opted for Boom-Chicka-Pop Sea Salt popcorn due to my discerning taste and because it was on sale.