Build Me Up, Butterspoon

There are so many different emotions happening when you move into a new place. Excitement at how you haven’t spilled coffee on the carpet yet. Frustration when you are trying to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night and run face first into the wall that you forgot was there. Hope that with a new place will come new habits (this one is quickly dashed, but it’s beautiful as it is fleeting). Confusion at how your furniture has ever made it through doors before.

GGG 36.1

Things that have increased the homey-ness of the new apartment so far include artwork up on the walls, playing cribbage into the night with my love (whiskey included, natch), finding time for dance parties every so often to really break the place in, and putting up pictures of family and friends around the house.

GGG 36.2

Also, making meals in the kitchen definitely ups the feel-at-home ante. Luckily, I had time this week for one of my favorite recipes – so happy the ingredients were easily accessible in our new spot, and that the plateware needed for serving made it through the move. Whether you are easing in a new life chapter, or just want to celebrate all the goodness happening in your world, this recipe for Cookie Butter is ready and waiting for your enjoyment.

GGG 36.3


  • Jar of cookie butter (I recommend crunchy, but that’s just because I know what’s what in the cookie butter world)
  • Spoon
  • Parsley for garnish (optional, but classy)

1) Procure a jar of cookie butter

GGG 36.4

2) Open it and faintly hear the sound of angels singing a heavenly strain

GGG 36.5

3) Spoon it up – I use a serving spoon because…butter made of cookies

GGG 36.6


GGG 36.7