Impromptu Snack-Attack

When I was in college and there was free food on campus (bagels during registration, cookies after chapel, wrapped candies on admin assistant’s desks), I was all over it. Budgets were tight, stress levels were high, most likely rehearsal had ran over and lunch had been missed.

GGG 14.1

It felt a little childish to be scavenging for food, but I knew it was part of college life – something I would probably look back on and chuckle about.

Until I started working in various offices and nothing about this mentality has changed. Budgets are still tight, stress levels are still high, and meetings now run over lunch hour, leading to eating anything & everything at your desk. When treats magically appear in the breakroom, all bets are off.

GGG 14.2

The question arises – how to turn unexpected workplace treats into an adult culinary experience? I try to follow these Breakroom Delight recipe guidelines to elevate my snacking experience to a professional level.

GGG 14.7


  • Whatever has been calling your name from the breakroom
  • Parsley for garnish (optional, but classy)

1) Walk past the breakroom and notice there are treats in there that were NOT there 5 minutes ago

GGG 14.4

2) Casually ask who brought the treats as if it couldn’t possibly matter to you because you are not going to partake

GGG 14.5

3) Even though no one has ordained that you must take one, say aloud (even if you are the only one in the room), “Okay – just one. Half of one. Darn this sweet tooth.” A light-hearted, casual-sounding laugh thrown in here can go a long way.

GGG 14.6

4) Take your half of the treat and scarf it down at your desk

GGG 14.3

5) Wonder if anyone will notice if you scramble back for the other half, then probably just go for it