Pancake Perfection

“Hello, I love you,” is something I’ve literally said to more than one plate of pancakes in my lifetime. Totally justified each time, but I guess this means I’m not a great pancake monogamist. I think because we only have them once in a while (usually on a lovely, lazy weekend morning), they feel extra luxurious and delicious. Deluxurious, if you will.

GGG 27.1

Pancakes are also one of those recipes that once you know the basic ingredients, it’s easy to branch out and try different variations to spice it up. Blueberries! Chocolate chips! Kale! (Well, probably not kale, but it seems to be sneaking its way into everything else, so I thought I’d offer it up).

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I think everyone has their own favorite variation on pancakes, and if not, there are 479 recipes on alone to pick from. Bringing your options up to at least 480 is one of my favorite versions: Weekend Pancakes.

GGG 27.3


  • @ least one person who likes to cook
  • Parsley for garnish (optional, but classy)

1) Find an old bottle of maple syrup in your pantry and mention (out loud) that pancakes sound amazing

GGG 27.4

2) Hear your partner/friend/roommate/live-in chef offer to make some

GGG 27.5

3) Watch them appreciatively from afar, offering up words of encouragement (“Those smell great!”) or half-assed participation (“Can I set out some plates or something?”)

GGG 27.6

4) Set out some plates or something

GGG 27.7

5) Enjoy!

GGG 27.8

Brunch Bliss

I think it was somewhere in my mid-twenties that all the fanfare about meeting for late night drinks morphed into meeting for mid-morning brunch. 11am sunlight trumped 11pm moonlight/streetlight, 2-4-1 mimosas trumped 2-4-1 rail whiskeys; plus breakfast is the best meal of the day anyway (besides snacks), so the more attention paid to it, the better.

GGG 21.1

I totally get it. Being able to sleep in without feeling like you’re missing out, because you aren’t meeting for breakfast. You are meeting for *brunch*. You get to have alcohol with your pancakes and no one bats an eye. AND if you braid your hair you can joke with your friends that you’re part of the “Braidy Brunch,” and everyone will laugh at your cleverness.

GGG 21.2

I was so pleased when I discovered that I could serve up brunch in my very own home. Although I love heading out to dine, I also am on a tight budget, so having the option to prepare a lovely brunch in my kitchen is most welcome. I’ve included one of my favorite brunch recipes that I’ve perfected, but please feel free to share your own. The more brunch, the merrier!

GGG 21.3


  • 1-2 bowl’s worth of cereal (do not pay attention to the serving size on the box – that won’t work for anyone)
  • 1-2 bowl’s worth of milk
  • Parsley for garnish (optional, but classy)

1) Realize you slept in and are hungry, which are the qualifiers for brunch

GGG 21.4

2) Pour cereal into bowl until you feel satisfied

GGG 21.5

3) Pour milk into bowl until you feel satisfied

GGG 21.6

4) Enjoy brunching!

GGG 21.7