Sensory Celebration

It is amazing what memories and feelings come up from just one scent or sound or taste. The smell of fresh cut grass = summer memories. A sip of boxed wine = first official hangover memories. A waft of pipe tobacco being smoked = loved grandparent memories. The first strains of that song you listened to on repeat after the break-up = ugly crying memories (or maybe currently happening don’t worry about it I’m fine).

ugly crying

Well, get your senses ready, friends, because it’s time to celebrate America, America-style. A lot of people are getting ready to fire up grills and slap on suntan lotion and set off firecrackers so close to your house it’s almost horrible but it’s not because freedom. I’m extra lucky, because my 4th’o’July celebration extends three extra days – three of my favorite people have birthdays lined up right in a row following the fireworks.

3 birthdays

I have so many sights/smells/tastes wrapped up in my memories of celebrating the 4th of July w/a 3 birthday bonus. In addition to the typical traditional tastes of grilled meats and corn on the cob, is carrot cake. This dessert is a favorite of the July 5th birthday girl, my amazing mother. Here’s a sneak peek at a carrot cake recipe I’ve prepped in the past that just might find it’s way into the birthday celebration this year – bonus: it’s 70% organic!

GGG 20.3


  • 1 Carrot Cake LUNA bar
  • Parsley for garnish (optional, but classy)

1) Obtain LUNA bar with proper amounts of organic ingredients

GGG 20.4

2) Open the wrapper

GGG 20.5

3) Take the bar out of the wrapper

GGG 20.6

4) Place a celebratory candle up on there, and enjoy!

GGG 20.7


Bday Breakfast (& Bridezillas)

Any good relationship is about give and take – a balancing act at times, but a worthy one. As relationships deepen and grow, it’s easy to fall into habits and roles that make sense between you and your partner.


For example, I love vacuuming, while my partner gets all zen doing dishes. I get some kind of weird nerdy high from balancing the checkbook and he is all about in-depth research on important purchases. He might not quite understand my fascination and enjoyment of every single Bridezillas episode, but he rolls his eyes in secret and that what counts.


Although we both are culinary titans in our own right, I do have do admit that my partner is a pretty fantastic cook. He is creative, patient, and pours love into the dishes he creates (total pizza wizard, among other things).


Ever grateful to be the recipient of his cooking prowess, I really wanted to knock a meal out of the park for him on his birthday this week. After a bit of brainstorming, I eureka-ed on the perfect dish to properly celebrate my partner’s day-o-birth, as it’s one of his faves.

GGG 19.4


  • 10 spoons of ground coffee
  • Coffee maker
  • Water
  • Balloon w/relevant messaging
  • Milk / Sweetener (optional)
  • Parsley for garnish (optional, but classy)

1) Place filter in coffee maker

GGG 19.5

2) Scoop or eyeball 10 spoonfuls of coffee up in there

GGG 19.6

3) Pour water in coffee maker (I think the rule is to match the number of spoons to the number on the pot?)

GGG 19.7

4) Brew coffee

GGG 19.8

5) Pour in mug, add milk or sweetener if desired

GGG 19.9

6) Add a festive balloon to the mug and enjoy!

GGG 19.10