Comida Española

I somehow missed the gene for other-language-mastery. My mother speaks French fluently and beautifully, and I guess I thought that would just pass down the bloodline somehow. But after four years of taking French in high school and college, I still pronounce “croissant” with a “t” at the end (disclaimer: I actually spelled “croissant” wrong just now – even auto-correct has a language leg up on me).

GGG 35.1

I do think it’s important to try new things, keep challenging yourself, get your brain moving, and all that jazz. So I am tackling learning a new language again, but trying my hand at Spanish this time, self-taught-style. My current lesson plans include DuoLingo paired with watching a show or movie I am kind of embarrassed to be watching (or re-watching), but dubbed in Spanish, so it’s PART OF THE LEARNING, OKAY?

GGG 35.2

I’m also learning more about Spanish culture, and holy wow do they have some amazing cuisine. I wanted to share my Spanish learning experience thus far with y’all, and took a former recipe, which is an all time favorite of mine, but put a Spanish twist on it. Enjoy!

GGG 9.5


  • Manzana
  • Perejil para adornar (opcional, pero de primera clase)

1) Conseguir una manzana

GGG 9.6

2) Lavar o pulir en su camisa

GGG 9.7

3) Usted puede cortar la manzana ahoara, o simplemente puede usar sus dientes para morder justo en (las manzanas están diseñados pensando en usted)

GGG 9.8

Craving Conundrum

Most of the time, I am a really go-with-the-flow (or, rather, go-with-whatever-is-in-the-fridge) type eater, but sometimes I realize I am really craving something specific.


Like apples. I was craving something apple-ly the other day, and my mind (and my Google searches) started to get excited at all the possibilities ahead. Turns out, you can do a lot with apples.




Then I remembered: apples are just good on their own. Conundrum solved.

GGG 9.5


  • Apple
  • Parsley for garnish (optional, but classy)

1) Get an apple

GGG 9.6

2) Wash it or polish it on your shirt

GGG 9.7

3) You can opt to slice up the apple here, or you can just use your teeth to bite right in (apples are designed with you in mind)

GGG 9.8