Sarah has spent her life eating and enjoying food (except for peas). There was a turning point when Sarah transitioned from eating meals prepared lovingly by family or carb-ing-ly by the campus food service, to mostly depending on herself for sustenance. These past eight years have given Sarah extensive experience making food choices faced with a limited budget and not always ample preparation time.

Sarah understands the juggling act of balancing a full Google calendar, and how tricky it can be to work healthy choices, decadent indulgences, creativity in the kitchen, and perfectly executed recipes into busy days.

This is a blog to document some of her favorite meals that she has picked up along the way, as well as new recipe experiments. Posts every Thursday. Bon appetit, y’all!

16 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    I love your very detailed, classy recipes. I’ll be sure to follow along and use some of them for awkward family get-togethers.
    Who would have thought an apple just included one ingredient…. an apple?! Genius!

    • Thanks! I hope the apple you bring to your next awkward family get-together wows and amazes. And I’m so glad I happened across your blog – you had me at “lavendouche!”

    • Hey, thanks – that’s so awesome! I appreciate you thinking of me. I’m unable to pay it forward at this time, but I really enjoyed reading your seven facts (I am a lover of writing on paper vs digital as well!).

    • Hey – thanks! No joke: I’ve seen this challenge around, and secretly hoped you’d participate because you’re f’ing hilarious all the time. And, true enough, I learned the llama/Lama tidbit & thus my day was made.

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