Treat or Treat

Was I one of those kids that went home and sorted their Halloween candy meticulously and with purpose? You betcha. I am actually still riding a high from earlier this week where I reorganized and streamlined a filing system at work.

GGG 37.1

But that doesn’t mean I don’t like spontaneity. I’m all for surprises. Planful, anticipated, surprises are some of my favorite ways to be caught off guard.

GGG 37.2

But how can this translate to food? Especially during this season of eerie suspense being all the rage? There is a dish I prepare year-round that fits the bill (and how), plus the ingredients are flexible to ensure fun and merriment no matter what the occasion. This particular version is called Popcorn Surprise! As long as you get that exclamation point at the end of it, you’re golden.

GGG 37.3


  • Something you like to snack on
  • Something else you like to snack that’s smaller than that first thing
  • Parsley for garnish (optional, but classy)

1) Find two different things to eat

GGG 37.4

2) Pour a little bit of the smaller snack into a bowl

GGG 37.5

3) Layer a lot of the larger snack on top

GGG 37.6

4) Ensure upper snack completely covers lower snack

GGG 37.7

5) Begin your snacking experience (this works the best when engrossed in a TV show) and discover the “!” sensation when you stumble into your second snack

GGG 37.8


8 thoughts on “Treat or Treat

  1. Many years (okay, decades) ago I was reading my uncle’s not-so-secret secret stash of Playboys and I recall their take on a male fantasyland popcorn surprise that contributed to making me a feminist at warp speed. The setting is a date at the movies with a woman with a brain the size of a Pez pellet to be so oblivious to the sleazy hijinks underway right next to her. The guy slyly (!) cuts a hole in the bottom of the popcorn box that he holds in his lap. He inserts his fully attentive manhood in the hole and as his date dips her hand into the popcorn box she grabs onto more than just puffy corn kernels. Mission accomplished, Playboy announces, “Popcorn surprise opens her eyes!” They did not mention that she smacked him with a restraining order, 40 years later she’s still suffering flashbacks every time she smells popcorn and hey, where was the parsley?

    • Ahhh – that is horrifying! I remember paging through Playboys (my ex-boyfriend’s dad had a stash of them that he just kept in the bathroom, speaking of not so secret stashes). I remembered the line about “just reading it for the articles,” and was (naively) surprised that the articles were often just as misogynist as the photo spreads. That popcorn one takes the cake, though – yikes!

      • The memory has stuck with me for about 40 years. So much for those secret stashes, eh? My friend, Milton (who’s super gay), wanted the issue from around 1977 that featured Barbra Streisand on the cover. She did not appear naked. She was their interview. I tracked it down and will give it to him this year for Christmas. But since it’s in my hovel, I have looked through it. Misogynist is an understatement. There was one cartoon where a woman was tied up after being raped and robbed. She’s remorseful that her attacker is leaving! I wanted to throw up. The guys that edited it were straight out of the Mad Men era.

    • Heya lovely! Things just got incredibly whirlwindy over here with the move, so I’m unplugging for a bit as I get my bearings (and eating lotsa Luna bars w/parsley, natch). Looking forward to catching up with you via your awesome blog soon!

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