Same Time, Next Week

Apologies, faithful Gastro-A-Go-Goers – no recipe this week. Turns out moving cross-country takes up a lot of time and energy. Who knew? So many good things happening, but consistent internet access and having all the things arriving at the new place are not among them. Yet. Pro tip, though? Empty apartments have excellent acoustics for singing.

GGG 34.1

On deck: a birthday dish to kick off a new decade, as well as some Spanish-inspired cuisine. In the meantime, garnish lovingly and often, and looking forward to hanging out next Thursday!

GGG 34.2

2 thoughts on “Same Time, Next Week

  1. I love cross-country moves! Went from WA to TX, myself… Not the longest cross-country move possible, but culture shock was still possible! May I ask where your points A and B are?

    • Oh, I’d bet that would be a culture shift (and a half!). Just moved from Minneapolis to San Diego. My body is a bit in Vitamin D overload (which isn’t a bad thing by any stretch). Looking forward to getting to know the lay of the land and finding some roots!

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