School Lunch Rock

No one in our household is going back to school this fall. I finished up my masters this spring, and we have yet to have young’uns running around and tearing up the joint. I probably get back-to-school anticipation every fall because I was one of those kids that *loved* school. Loved being around people learning, loved taking notes, most of the time enjoyed homework, loved picking out the supplies (3rd grade CleoCatra Lisa Frank trapper keeper FTW).

GGG 29.1

I also had two versions of a shirt that said “So Many Books, So Little Time.” So…that.

GGG 29.2

I hope my future offspring is able to enjoy school too. In my naive, pre-parenting dreams, I am one of those parents that provides a school lunch with thoughtful post-it notes, or adorably cut sandwiches, or hires a singing telegram to help open my child’s fruit cup.

GGG 29.3

If I’m setting these high standards now, I figure I better start practicing school lunch prep. On a mission for a variety of healthy food packed with love and good intentions, I offer up this recipe to current parents or parents-to-be: Brown Bag Lunch.

GGG 29.4


  • 1 brown bag
  • 1 GoPicnic
  • Parsley for garnish (optional, but classy)

1) Look through your food options to find a variety of healthy food that will sustain your child through their day’o’learning

GGG 29.5

2) Discover that GoPicnic has already figured it out and put everything in a box for you

GGG 29.6

3) Put a Post-It with a heart on it or something fun

GGG 29.7

4) Put the box in the bag

GGG 29.8

5) Get ready for your Parent-of-the-Year award, probably

GGG 29.9


14 thoughts on “School Lunch Rock

  1. Well, Grandma Lori is excited for the day when all of this comes true, because you are going to be one fantastic mom! I love it – ESPECIALLY the taped on parsley. 🙂

  2. I loved school, too! (And still do, BTW) When I get to take a class for work, I’m so excited!!! I love learning!! Woot! And I also owned a shirt that said, “So many books, so little time.” I currently own a shirt that says, “The book was better.” Anyhoo…’re gonna rock as a mom someday! I would have loved brown bag lunches like these as a kid! 🙂

    • Shirt twins! I love “The book was better” – I’ll totally have to find one of those. Thanks for your brown bag support – cheers to awesome classes to look forward to!

    • I remember that next year at school they banned Trapper Keepers because kids kept getting their fingers snapped in the binders. My friends and I were devastated. CleoCatra lived on at home, though. Ah, memory lane.

  3. I was the third and last of three children. The novelty of offspring had faded considerably for my mother by the time she hatched me. She did not have the energy to get artsy-craftsy with my lunch bag, but to appease her guilt about the runt of the litter, I got a metal Flintstones lunchbox. Possibly I should mention that I attended school in prehistoric times — before the invention of the Trapper Keeper, the Post-it note or fruit cups.

    • To be honest, I can barely pull it off for myself (I end up wishing for something else for lunch as soon as I bring my lunch to work). Plus, when I was younger, I remember wanting school lunch most of the time.

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