Gadgets and Gizmos Aplenty

I don’t think I truly realized how many different kitchen utensils existed in the world until we registered for our wedding. I felt a little odd requesting gifts from family and friends simply because we added a couple of rings and a signed paper from the state to our relationship, but people seemed cool with it. And we were definitely appreciative for the opportunity to get a set of silverware so we weren’t constantly defaulting to chopsticks.

GGG 26.1

When we got that registry gun in hand at the store, it got a little paralyzing. Oh mylanta, the amount of kitchen gear out there. I distinctly remember standing in front of a device that made waffle sticks and reveling in its cleverness. Then I snapped back to my real world, where you can toast a waffle and slice it into sticks yourself, saving approximately $30.

GGG 26.2

Not to give you the impression we were completely kitchen gadget-less pre-wedded bliss. I’ve had a few of my main food prep staples with me for years, and they were used for today’s awesome recipe, Takeout Food.

GGG 26.3


  • 1 menu
  • 1 phone
  • 1 method of roundtrip transportation
  • Parsley for garnish (optional, but classy)

1) Look at takeout menu and select tastiest dish listed

GGG 26.4

2) Pick up the phone, dial number listed on said menu & tell all of your food dreams to the person who answers (just your food dreams, though; despite what anyone says, no one wants to hear your real dreams – that’s only interesting to you)

GGG 26.5

3) Find transportation (car, bike, bus, feet, etc) to get on over to the restaurant

GGG 26.6

4) Pick up your food

GGG 26.7

5) Use transport to get back to your place (keep the bag your food is in closed tightly)

GGG 26.8

6) Enjoy!

GGG 26.9


6 thoughts on “Gadgets and Gizmos Aplenty

  1. I know JUST WHERE YOU WENT too and now I am hungry for Tabouli. My favorite line in this blog today is “Oh Mylanta!” I think I need to adopt that.

    • It’s like our go-to place when we’re not sure what we are hungry for – it always hits the spot! We *should* make tabouli soon, but maybe that’s a future post…

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