To Market, To (Farmer’s) Market

What better way to start your weekend than at a farmer’s market? If I could just live in a farmer’s market 24/7, I would (well, actually a duplex comprised of half farmer’s market and half library would be ideal, but I don’t want to get picky).

GGG 24.1   GGG 24.2

There is a fantastic market near our apartment that is open every Saturday morning (once the arctic tundra dies down). It’s educational seeing the produce change slightly every week, and I love that there is time to chat with and meet the farmers while you are shopping. Plus, there are almost always happy dogs, cute kids,and live music, which is a trifecta in my book.

GGG 24.3    GGG 24.4

This week, I ended up with some great produce to enjoy throughout the week, and picked up some extras on the way home for an on-the-spot summer picnic.

GGG 24.5


  • Food recently acquired at the farmer’s market
  • Whatever you want from Taco Bell
  • Parsley for garnish (optional, but classy)

1) Stop at Taco Bell on your way home from the Farmer’s Market

GGG 24.6

2) Take your all your goodies home with you

GGG 24.7

3) If it’s nice enough, set up outside (inside works for this recipe as well)

GGG 24.8

4) Keep bag of farmer’s market produce close, promising yourself you’ll get to it tomorrow in order to karmically balance your current life choices

GGG 24.9


7 thoughts on “To Market, To (Farmer’s) Market

  1. 1.) I adore Farmer’s Markets… a lot. I love getting a fresh bouquet of flowers every week & people watching. I agree, there is just something about live music, sunshine & fresh produce. (The sunshine is an added bonus – not a necessity.)
    2.) I adore Taco Bell.


    This post made my day.

    • You know, we actually got all of our flowers for our wedding from this farmer’s market. Fresh, full, gorgeous, and surprisingly affordable! And Taco Bell is likely to make anyone’s day.

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