Something for Everyone

It’s pretty awesome that in a world full of varied dietary restrictions, allergies, and preferences, there really is something for everyone. Back in the day, when I decided to opt out of meat & dairy, I was really blown away by all the options that I still had access to (some better than others, to be honest, but still).

GGG 23.1

Because people in my life have been gracious and thoughtful in regard to my food preferences, I try and be thoughtful about dishes I prepare. I want to make sure most people will be able to enjoy themselves, food-wise. This can get difficult when everyone’s guidelines get thrown into the mix. “Well, Malcolm is gluten-free, Shirley only eats organic, Tasha is vegan, Kendall prefers local food, Brenica is lactose intolerant, and Jerry doesn’t eat any food with more than five letters.”

GGG 23.2

I’m happy to report that one of my absolute favorite snacks in the world is pretty flexible for most food values. You can opt for organic or local versions of the ingredients; it’s vegan, vegetarian & gluten-free; if you are cutting down on carbs (lord help you) you’re golden; if you have a peanut allergy…um…skip the steps involving peanut butter and you’ll be fine, I think.

GGG 23.3


  • 1 spoonful of peanut butter
  • 1 spoonful of jelly
  • Parsley for garnish (optional, but classy)

1) Procure peanut butter & jelly that fit with your dietary preferences

GGG 23.4

2) Dip your spoon in the peanut butter

GGG 23.5

3) Dip your spoon in the jelly

GGG 23.6

4) Enjoy!

GGG 23.7


22 thoughts on “Something for Everyone

    • Being an innovative chef is a tough business, so I appreciate the support. This recipe would actually also work well as a spread for many of your delish bread loaves – feel free to experiment with it 🙂

  1. Actually, your peanut free people can still do this with the plethora of peanut free “peanut butter” spreads out there. This recipe will be timeless.

    • Maybe someday I’ll get adventurous enough to experiment with chicken-flavored vegetarian ham (what the what is that anyway?). For now, pb&j will do just fine.

  2. Gee … I can no longer eat the jam chaser (I prefer it to jelly). It has citric acid that wreaks havoc with my gastritis. So I now eat my peanut butter straight up. With parsley for garnish because I’m classy.

    • Class all the way, all the time ’round here. Would an alternative to eating peanut butter straight up be eating peanut butter on the rocks? The latter would probably entail extremely chunky peanut butter, I think.

    • Not gonna lie – I *have* made this recipe using a fork before. I have confidence you will find the proper utensil to overcome any and all cutlery allergies 🙂

  3. I do this with peanut butter and nutella. Then I die of happiness and an overdose of tastegasms. Then I come back to life and repeat. It’s quite the process. You should try it.

    • This sounds like how I want to spend my time, all day, everyday. I might even skip the dying part (but keep the happy & tastegasms if possible), in order to spend maximum time pb & nutella-ing.

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