Bday Breakfast (& Bridezillas)

Any good relationship is about give and take – a balancing act at times, but a worthy one. As relationships deepen and grow, it’s easy to fall into habits and roles that make sense between you and your partner.


For example, I love vacuuming, while my partner gets all zen doing dishes. I get some kind of weird nerdy high from balancing the checkbook and he is all about in-depth research on important purchases. He might not quite understand my fascination and enjoyment of every single Bridezillas episode, but he rolls his eyes in secret and that what counts.


Although we both are culinary titans in our own right, I do have do admit that my partner is a pretty fantastic cook. He is creative, patient, and pours love into the dishes he creates (total pizza wizard, among other things).


Ever grateful to be the recipient of his cooking prowess, I really wanted to knock a meal out of the park for him on his birthday this week. After a bit of brainstorming, I eureka-ed on the perfect dish to properly celebrate my partner’s day-o-birth, as it’s one of his faves.

GGG 19.4


  • 10 spoons of ground coffee
  • Coffee maker
  • Water
  • Balloon w/relevant messaging
  • Milk / Sweetener (optional)
  • Parsley for garnish (optional, but classy)

1) Place filter in coffee maker

GGG 19.5

2) Scoop or eyeball 10 spoonfuls of coffee up in there

GGG 19.6

3) Pour water in coffee maker (I think the rule is to match the number of spoons to the number on the pot?)

GGG 19.7

4) Brew coffee

GGG 19.8

5) Pour in mug, add milk or sweetener if desired

GGG 19.9

6) Add a festive balloon to the mug and enjoy!

GGG 19.10


14 thoughts on “Bday Breakfast (& Bridezillas)

    • I’m happy to report refills were requested and granted (10 cups of coffee goes awfully quick around these parts). And the parsley had to double up on dishes, but was a good sport about it.

    • Good eye! Yes – when spring cleaning my partner wanted to try it out. It makes finding an actual book challenging, but the atheistic is just so fun. So, we are literally judging books by their covers up in here, I guess.

  1. Oh my good gracious!! This is a lifesaver! I had no idea what I was going to make for my boo! Thank you so very much. He always says I don’t try hard enough. Well. . . I’ll show him!

    • Yes – rock it out! I think sometimes I worry that my thoughtfulness and cooking prowess is intimidating for my partner, but it’s something I think he is learning to live with.

    • I think a tough part of the chef’s life is the selflessness that comes from gifting your creations. That said, I *may* have poured myself a “test” cup while putting together this dish. Just to…you know…make sure the…quality was spot on.

  2. Ta-da!! Sounds easy and fancy enough ❤ Happy birthday to your husband!!

    Bridezillas is an addictive show, I especially love the update episodes to be astounded by who's still married and who's not.

    • Thanks for the bday wishes – I’ll pass ’em along 🙂

      I’m so glad you can relate to the excitement I had when I found out there were update episodes (those producers know the exact way to my reality tv heart). And I also was totally surprised by who made it through and who didn’t. So fun!

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