Summer Book Club, Foodie-Style

I’ve been seeing a lot of lists for summer reading. “Top Ten Beach Reads,” “Hot & Sizzling Summer Novels,” “The Best 5 Books to Fall on Your Face While Trying To Be Somewhat Sexy on Your Beach Towel,” etc.

GGG 17.1

I am a library girl at heart. There is something so incredibly magic to me about the ability to walk into a building, pick out whatever strikes my fancy, getting to take it home with me FOR FREE, then return it and repeat the whole delightful process. No regrets here, except my personal book collection is slim, as I hardly ever purchase books. Seriously, it’s some Goosebumps, a lotta Theater Major stuff, and old school Nancy Drew (hi, Bess – you were always my fave).

GGG 17.2

Looking at my book stock, the most books I own are cookbooks. Family and friends have been generous and awesome at picking out stellar recipe collections for me to own. Wanting to share the wealth, I invite you to read about some of my top recs from my increasingly extensive collection if you are looking for summer recipe book enjoyment.

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Crazy Sexy Kitchen

GGG 17.4  GGG 17.5

I really love Kris Carr. I find her personal story inspirational, and her approach to food sustainable and passion-filled. I haven’t made any recipes in this book, but I really would like to some day. This book is on the list for best photo spreads – I page through this book with the same affection and foreign wonder I use with Vogue in the supermarket checkout lane.

Skinny B*tch in the Kitch

GGG 17.6  GGG 17.7

These ladies are full of sass and snark, which I appreciate to no end. This book earned a spot on the list because of title creativity and because I actually *read* the whole book at one point. Which is similar to the times I have actually watched entire Jillian Michael DVDs without getting up off of the couch to participate.

Vegan Bites: Recipes for Singles

GGG 17.8  GGG 17.9

This book is on the list because I actually made a few recipes from it, and they worked out and tasted decent. The only issue is that the book is all “This book is for singles – portions are good for 1-2 meals so you aren’t making a ton of food.” Dumb. The best kind of food is tons of food. If you use this book, do as I do and double or triple all recipes.

Best Bet

So what is my best recipe book recommendation? All of them! And not like in a “everyone played in the tournament, so here is your participation trophy” way, but in a “when you stack them all up together they are the perfect height to balance your snack while you watch The Wire with all the time you saved not cooking” way.

GGG 17.10


7 thoughts on “Summer Book Club, Foodie-Style

  1. I have found I love vegan recipes as long as they aren’t trying to make a “mock” anything. Suddenly I have a need for spicy, potato stuffed bell peppers that taste oddly like samosas.

  2. I eat kale, but I’m inclined to think calling it “crazy sexy” is an oxymoron. Recently I saw someone wearing a tee shirt that said “Kale” in the same font as “Yale”. In that case, I thought the same word – minus “oxy”.

    • People *are* kind of cult-like about kale (regulars, oxys, and morons alike). I’m all for kale too, but when I say so, a Kale Fan will almost always get semi-crazy (sexy?) eyes and ask if I’ve had kale chips. Yes, they taste like burned magazine papers. Move along, please.

  3. I started binning my paper books when iPad came out a few years ago, replacing them with the e-versions. The only books that didn’t get e-reprints were the cookbooks, the few that did (like Julia Child’s works) aren’t convenient in an e-format. I feel inspired inspired when flipping through the pages of a paper cookbook.

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