Craving Conundrum

Most of the time, I am a really go-with-the-flow (or, rather, go-with-whatever-is-in-the-fridge) type eater, but sometimes I realize I am really craving something specific.


Like apples. I was craving something apple-ly the other day, and my mind (and my Google searches) started to get excited at all the possibilities ahead. Turns out, you can do a lot with apples.




Then I remembered: apples are just good on their own. Conundrum solved.

GGG 9.5


  • Apple
  • Parsley for garnish (optional, but classy)

1) Get an apple

GGG 9.6

2) Wash it or polish it on your shirt

GGG 9.7

3) You can opt to slice up the apple here, or you can just use your teeth to bite right in (apples are designed with you in mind)

GGG 9.8


13 thoughts on “Craving Conundrum

    • Oooh – I adore Pink Ladies (they do have a perfect sweet/crisp ratio). You know, I’ve never had a baked apple, but now I am very much intrigued, especially when people put kidneys on the line.

      • Baked apples are even more superb hot out of the oven generously splashed with cream; an indulgence I can no longer appreciate due to being severely lactose intolerant at this stage of decrepitude. Furthermore, I know this will be challenging for you but should you actually ever make this treat, do the unthinkable: hold the parsley.

      • These baked apples sound astounding. And I understand the parsley advice. Perhaps in this case, I could opt to tuck a sprig behind my ear for a fashion statement. Best of both worlds!

  1. Classic. Reminds me of a Mint Julip: what I thought was a fancy lady drink is in fact, bourbon and a mint leaf. No wonder things are slower in the south..

    • The south knows how to do it. This is actually tres helpful information, because now I can add a new drink to my mixology skills: mint julip, whiskey neat, and a glass of wine.

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